Live from the Deep Ellum Arts Festival: Day 3

words and photos by Michael Lagocki

Game over, man.

Actually, as I type the festival still has another few hours, but mercifully, I got to leave before the end. Other people have it covered. If you read the last few days of this blog you probably understand why this has meaning for me.

Kevin Steele was one of many live painters on Sunday.

The Davies brothers, Isaac, Jashua, and Jerod created their own subsection of ArtLoveMagic Alley where they showed and painted with friends all weekend.

The ArtLoveMagic Alley was an absolute success. We loved doing it and the artists had a great time. Day three had weather challenges. It never quite got to buckets of rain, but several times it drizzled, and the skies threatened to open up. There were more than a few instances where our artists had to quickly cover their work or get it under a tent (rain & live art don’t always mix).

I broke out the paints and markers and created this piece live during the first shift.

Today was a chill vibe and I created a piece myself. I even hung a full gallery display, something I rarely get a chance to do. It felt good. And I like the piece I painted. Many others live created as well, including the poets and musicians who created on the stage. Our stage was pure Dallas songwriting, with performers from our local streets as young as 19 years old holding down full sets.

Erin Gayden gets a little help from a friend when rain threatened to soak her set.

It's good to have friends. All day artists were helped through complex setups by volunteers. The spirit of helping others was evident all over.

So thank you Deep Ellum, thank you Arts Fest and thank you anyone who attended… and especially everyone who lent their hands to lifting, helping, promoting, selling, supporting. Our awesome producers… Deborah Driscoll, Josh Dryk, Isaac Davies, Jay Bookworm, Mario Cauley, and myself all busted our butts day after day to make this thing happen. Our volunteer crew was unbelievable as well. You know who you are and how much we needed you.

You’d enjoy volunteering at our shows if you never have. It’s hard work, but it’s FOR something- supporting artists, musicians, poets, building unique experiences, doing something that inspires people. Most of those folks behind our tables and in production roles are artists and performers themselves. Next time they’ll get on the mic, on the art stages. All they’ll be supported by the same people who helped them this weekend.

We split the day into two shifts of artists. Trayce Cochran painted on the second shift that closed out the festival.

Until next time… art. love. magic.



7 Responses to “Live from the Deep Ellum Arts Festival: Day 3”

  1. A super heart-felt Congratulations! You guys are absolute Love Beasts. There are so many lessons to be learned by anyone even half-way paying attention to this “just one more” major step in ALM’s emerging legacy. I just wish that my prior commitments to Easter related services/performances on Sat/Sun had not collided with this year’s Art Fest or I could have been out there more than I was. I’m guessing I’m not wrong in predicting that ALM has just cut its first notch in the Deep Ellum Arts Festival totem.


  2. What a great learning experience this was!! Various times over the course of the weekend when I visited the ALM Live Art Alley, the space was filled with creative energy and the crowd was enjoying the atmosphere and soaking it all in. Success, success, SUCCESS!!! ALM so ROCKS!!!!

  3. It was awesome workin wit every one bigups on a rad afternoon…

  4. Thanks all. Shug, great to work with you for the first time. Glad you had a blast.

    Michelle and Gary- thank you for your continued commitment to artlovemagic. Your support and advice has been incredibly valuable.

  5. Kevin Steele Says:

    ALM peeps,
    It was fantastic to be a part of that show and to get back out there among creative people and be a part of something bigger and meaningful. Gotta get out of the cave once in awhile. Thanks again, guys and I look forward to seeing you all again soon! BTW, Steele has an “E” at the end, just like Remington and Danielle, not like “Man of…”.;)

  6. gotcha.
    Thanks for hanging Kevin. ‘Twas a blast.

  7. Art Love Magic is the greatest tribe of loving, and talented people. I’m so thankful and proud to be a part of it! 🙂 ❤

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