Local artists we love: Jen Shu/Rarmai Photography

We dig local photographer Jen Shu. She’s cool!

Jen’s worked with us on several shows from Art & Coffee to the fantastic girlShow:Atomic Pink (which was named after her colorful hair). She’s got an incredible spirit and a fun creative eye.

We’re so into her photography that we asked her to share a bit about her services. Should you need a moment captured in time, or want to create one worth capturing, we encourage you to reach out to her.

Rarmai Photography….
where it is about YOU, not me.

I’ve noticed something lately about when I create with others. I really want to help them fulfill their visions & creations. When my clients come work with me…I spend some time encouraging them to ingite their ideas, spark their imagination and really find a great way to represent themselves in their photos. After that, I step into the creative process and help to create images uniquely tailored to them using my STYLE! In the end? We both WIN! I tend to do this in most cases of everything I book: fashion, weddings, events, portraits, etc. What keeps me going is the LOVE for what I am doing to make a difference in your life. I love what I do and do what I love. Photography is a great tool to help you bring your dreams to life in this reality. If you or someone you know needs these types of services, please give me a call for your free consult! Let’s get this started!

Jen Sulak
http://www.rarmai.com : website
http://www.rarmai.smugmug.com : gallery


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