Thank you, Melody!

Melody Hay has been an integral part of ArtLoveMagic.  As an artist, she has lived the success that Art Love Magic was created to bring.  She jumped in with her whole heart in 2007 and began to volunteer for everything. She began simply being on hand for whatever tasks were needed.  She exhibited at shows. She taught at both our Kids Workshops and Artist Workshops.  She became a producer for Art and Coffee and was the lead producer for girlShow: Atomic Pink in 2009.
Melody has served on our board since May of this year bringing counsel and perspective of an artist who has grown up through our ranks.

Currently, Melody is collaborating on a new endeavor, Studio 109 and is stepping down from the board of ArtLoveMagic to pour all of her creative energy into her work on this project.

The rest of us on the board wanted to say thank you, Melody for your energy, passion and spark. These past few years wouldn’t have been the same without you!


5 Responses to “Thank you, Melody!”

  1. melodiousart Says:

    Thanks Cathy! Much love to you and all of ArtLoveMagic! ❤

  2. gotta love Melody. Best, girl. ❤ Deb

  3. Melody,
    Your presence, attitude, energy and skill has always been a valuable at ALM and will always by appreciated no matter what you are involved in. I hope a new direction for your energies provides you with great fulfillment and joy.

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