The Revolution will be Shared

Sunday night, artlovemagic hosted a gathering of local individuals and organizations who are doing cool things in the Dallas arts scene. Justin Nygren put this together, and the meeting included representatives from our organization, Nomad Arts, Trinity Arts Live, Journeyman Ink, DaVerse Lounge, Backbeat Cafe, and the Deep Ellum Enrichment Project, Green Bandanna Group, and Unsilent Night Dallas.

Each of us have found some success (and some struggle) in our efforts to do something that benefits the local scene. There are simple things we can do together. Cross promotions, partnering on events, sharing resources and knowledge.

There’s no competition. Each of us has a model that’s open. Artists are involved by events and projects, not by exclusive contracts. And we shouldn’t really be competing for audiences either, the audiences are a fraction of what they could be. The Dallas arts scene is much richer than most people are aware of. Only a small portion of the public here regularly attends a local art or music event. I believe that many, many more people would enjoy what they found if they did.

The meeting had a great tone. Everyone seemed down to collaborate and share knowledge.

If all goes as planned, you’re gonna see signs of collaboration between us.

Stay tuned.

post by Michael Lagocki


One Response to “The Revolution will be Shared”

  1. AWESOME news!!! Combining events will save promo dollars and time…which is just what we need in the current economy.

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