Handmade Arts and Open Mic at Art & Coffee

Our March Art & Coffee show focused on handmade arts, like crochet, woodworking, jewelry and facepainting. It was a chance for us to feature some new and rarely seen artists who make functional, personal arts. We also brought our open mic back, inviting audience members to perform poetry and music.

One of the most fun things about Art & Coffee these days is how many local photographers show up with cameras, shooting all the cool stuff that goes down. These images are from audience member Vanessa Bates. Beautiful!

Thanks IT’S A GRIND for hosting us, and thanks Vanessa for capturing it all.

2 Responses to “Handmade Arts and Open Mic at Art & Coffee”

  1. Wow, where’s Jamie????

    • I don’t think Vanessa got a shot of her sets. Others did though, and Jamie and you both played beautifully. I know you guys are recording. We’d be happy to share some of that new stuff on the radio station on our site if you’d like! Email a track or two to David and it will go up.

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