We’re just days away from the first Major show of 2010….UNDERGROUND @ Southside, 8pm on 1/30!!!     I’m so excited about seeing all of the new talented artists joining us for their first show and having the opportunity to serve/volunteer; it’s going to be an electrifying event!!

As I was thinking about the show this morning, I had a few random thoughts that I wanted to toss out there…

***Underground Artists – Do you have everything you need for your setup?    This may include: a chair, table, lights, extension cord, power strip, black tablecloth, price tags, calculator, receipt book, plenty of business cards, pens, a tablet for note taking, paper towels, Advil (just in case), tape, duct tape, pins, twine, your art supplies to create during the evening, etc.

***Be cool and arrive on time for setup.  (4pm)    🙂

***Some food is being donated by The Angry Dog and Deb Driscoll, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we all brought a small snack (salty or sweet) to share?

***Send out email reminders to your friends and family and tell them to prepay online to save some $$.  (Don’t forget to include the art love magic link in your email.)

And yes, it’s supposed to be cold on Saturday night (26 degrees), but where there’s art & music, there will be warmth, so tell everybody to come on out and join us.   🙂

Dreaming about art,

Michelle McSpadden


One Response to “Are YOU Ready To Go UNDERGROUND?”

  1. now that’s a beautiful theme

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