Instant, handmade Business Cards?

Sara Brown sat in the middle of the packed room at the Art & Coffee held at It’s A Grind last Friday night.  I sat with her and helped her make business cards while collaborating with her on a larger piece. Creating these business cards enthralled everyone, especially me. I  painted some small, simple object and she drew or painted on top of it to turn it into this grand beautiful thing. What an incredible idea!  Not just business cards but personalized business cards… Soon I found myself offering my chair to someone so they could paint their own “Sara Brown collaborative business card”.  Almost instantly a line formed for people to sit and paint with her and take home with them a piece to remember.  I overheard one audience member explaining how she ended up with her card.  “You paint something, then she draws on top of it and puts her information on it so you can take it home.”

This is the art, the love, and the magic.  This happens in some way, great or small at every event.

~Keanna Pohl

P.s….This is about half of a piece she did the night before the event as a gift to ArtLoveMagic.  Thanks, Sara.


One Response to “Instant, handmade Business Cards?”

  1. that’s a pretty fresh idea!

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