UNDERGROUND First: Live Screen Printing

UNDERGROUND will be a night of many firsts. And I will be participating as an artist for the first time as well.  That’s right, after 7 years of creating and executing live art events, I have finally found an art form (apart from production itself) that will get me out from behind the scenes.  Not only will it be my first time as an artist, but the art form itself is a first for our shows:  Live Screen Printing.

Instead of printing a bulk amount of shirts with the UNDERGROUND show logo, this time around you will only be able to purchase UNDERGROUND shirts at the show.  There will also be 4 alternate designs available only at the show.  You’ll want to pick up at least one of these Limited Edition shirts for the sake of history (not to mention the sheer awesomeness of the designs themselves).

I’ll be printing with three options:  New shirts, UpCycled shirts (shirts donated or purchased from Goodwill), and shirts that you bring from home (any color that you feel black ink will work on is fine.)  New shirts will be $15, UpCycled will be $10 and your own shirt will be $5.

Finally, you will have the chance to buy a Help For Haiti shirt as well.  100% of he profit from this shirt will go to an orphanage in Haiti that our friends have worked with.  You can get more information about the shirt at my website SHIRTS=AWESOME.

Justin Nygren


One Response to “UNDERGROUND First: Live Screen Printing”

  1. I’m SO excited about this! it’s gonna be dope!

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