Seeing the Future (Part Three)

(This is the third and final post in a series called Seeing the Future. Part One is HERE and Part Two is HERE.)

The last two posts have focused on the idea of transition.  Ironically, since the last post, my own life has gone through several upheavals.  In the beginning of November I was laid off from one of the best jobs I have ever had.  Just prior to that, two roommates decided to move out at the end of the year and another roommate got a job teaching in South Korea.  The month of December saw the loss of our community house and a move from 2500 sq. ft. to a duplex that is just under 1000 sq. ft..  All with a family of four over the Holiday season.  Talk about transition.

But, in the end we handled it all.  We stuck close to our friends and family and we relied heavily on them for support, emotionally, physically as well as financially.

ArtLoveMagic is also in a season of transition.  We are learning to pull back from doing 1000 thing decently to doing 500 things phenomenally.  We are learning what it means to operate as a non-profit organization while maintaining the core of our DNA.  In a sense, as we enter into our fourth year of awesomeness, we are growing up as an organization.

In all, if you happen to be one of the people who spends a lot of time behind the scenes (which, by the way, is not that difficult.  If you want to get more involved, come to a First Wednesday meeting at the office.  That is a great place to start.), you just might notice things transitioning.  We’re trying to move from madness and chaos to what Mike mentioned in the earlier post: Intentionality.

Take a minute today and look around.  Look at your schedule, look at your heart.  Look at all of those crazy things you have in your schedule and ask a question:  Which of these things truly help me to get where I want to be?  Then, be Intentional.  Drop the stuff that you use as an excuse to not do the things you are passionate about and Focus on the parts that need to be done.

May 2010 be a year of  Transitioning to Intention, living your life on purpose.

Posted by Justin Nygren

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