For Artists | Now, if you can e-mail, you can blog…

Setting up a website for yourself as an artist can be daunting.  After all, where would you start? 

A new blogging platform–Posterous –now allows you to create your web presence simply by sending e-mail.  And best of all, it is simple.  In fact it is so simple that you don’t even have to sign up for an account. You can simply send an e-mail with the content you want posted to and voila! your posterous stream has begun. (Of course, you will likely want to claim your account to give ownership to the content posted so you can manage it.) You send text alone or attach photos (jpg, png, gif), video (avi or mpg), mp3’s or documents (doc, pdf, ppt) to your e-mail and they are posted in real time.

How to use Posterous

Say, for example, say you want to post a simple blog post with an image. In your e-mail, make the subject your title line. Make the blog post your e-mail text. And attach the photo you want posted with your content. Once you hit “send” a few seconds later the content is formatted and goes live. What makes Posterous different from Blogger or WordPress–who also let you post content via e-mail–is that Posterous will not only post the content to your Posterous page, but also to every other account you have linked to it…Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, etc. Making it very easy to manage all your social media sites through a single outlet. Of course, you won’t always want to post the same things to all of your accounts, so Posterous has an option for that. To post everywhere, you would send to To post only to twitter, send your e-mail to Flickr? Your blog? You can even
combine them:

Smart Posting of Content

One of my favorite features is that Posterous is “smart” when posting your content. Content over 140 characters sent to Twitter is shortened as a link. MP3’s that are posted (simply by sending as an attachment with your e-mail) are put into a player so that the post shows up as an easy to press “play” button. Photos are resized to be web friendly, and video is transcoded to a flash player that shows in your browser. (They host the file so there is no work to do.) URL’s are posted as a link, but if you send a YouTube link, Posterous automatically embeds the player.

They also make it easy to post multiple examples of your art by simply sending multiple photos via email.  Posterous automatically creates a gallery of those images.

How Much Does it Cost?

As with most social media platforms, Posterous is free, though you can likely expect advanced features to be released in the future to allow the team at Posterous to make some money.

Additional Features

Posterous supports tagging, analytics and group posting of content.  Easy instructions for these features–and others–are simply a click away in the FAQ file. 

And in case you are wondering, yes.  I did this blog post via Posterous.  It really is that easy. 

 –Cathy Hutchison


One Response to “For Artists | Now, if you can e-mail, you can blog…”

  1. Oh my Lord, this looks exciting. Thanks, Cathy!

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