The Perfect Date Night- Art and Coffee

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Every Friday night is a happy time for me. We rush out the door, drop off the kids at my parents’ house, and go out on our weekly date night. It is a beautiful thing, this triangle of happiness- my parents want to see the kids, the kids want to go to Grammy and Papaw’s house, and my husband and I want to escape for the evening. Why mess with perfection?

Date nights usually consist of dinner and a movie or concert, followed up with a trip to Starbucks. However, since our budget has gotten slimmer, we’ve been trying to find alternative sources for entertainment. So I was thrilled to discover Art and Coffee, which combines it all- a free concert/ art show at a local Saxby’s Coffee Shop.

When I stopped by Saxby’s, I was surprised to see it packed full of people everywhere. They had set up extra chairs outside, so people could enjoy the music while sipping their coffee. Each performer was different, which made for an interesting show. There were a few country singers, some insightful singer-songwriters, and even a futuristic electronica duo. I was thrilled to see so many local musicians in one night.

Inside the coffee shop, artists were busy creating and talking with customers. I really enjoyed browsing through the different pieces of handcrafted jewelry, photographs, and artworks. I chatted with the artists and asked questions about their materials and specific pieces that stood out to me. There was even a space set aside to create your own painting out of coffee, grinds, and water. I hummed along to the music outside while I painted a coffee rainstorm on my paper.

I left Art and Coffee, inspired by the music and art… and the huge chocolate chip cookie I had bought. I loved meeting so many local artists and musicians, and I even had my own original coffee painting to show off. It was a wonderful evening out- very cost efficient and lots of fun.

Art and Coffee is held the first Friday night of each month at Saxby’s Coffee Shop in Farmer’s Branch from 7:30-10:30. Get there early to sign up and perform at the open mic, or just grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show! More info at

-Michelle Townsend Wallace


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