More Holiday Gift Ideas: Gummy Greeting Cards

You can now order Jenice Johnson’s Gummy Greeting Cards via a PayPal requested donation of $3.50. Please send this post to everyone you know and support one of our most amazing photographers in the Dallas area! It’s super easy to order. Just take a gander at the following images and see which one you like. Then just click the PayPal donation link below to purchase! And you don’t need PayPal to do this at all. There is a place at the bottom of the PayPay page that directs you to how to pay without an account. Drop Jenice a line at artsbyjphotography at gmail dot com and tell her which one you would like and feel free to email her if you also have any questions!

Gummy Lights

Snowglobe Gummy

Gummy Free-For-All

Gummy Gift


2 Responses to “More Holiday Gift Ideas: Gummy Greeting Cards”

  1. these are SO great, as Jenice is SO great!

  2. Thank you! Also check out my etsy! You can order some holiday postcards too!

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