Goat & three6t CD Release Party


The Intelligent South presents ‘Mileage’ from GOAT & three6t.

In the current landscape of redundant music, a compelling CD has been made by Dallas-based independent artists GOAT (Justin Griffith) &
three6t (Ricky Cantrell).   Mileage is a 14-track collection of captivating songs that showcase their talents and astute ability to bridge the gap between multiple genres of music.  Mileage is unique in that it is accessible to mainstream and underground music fans alike.  Narrowly defined genre barriers do a disservice to the broad and exceptional songs. Indie Rock, R&B, Blues, and Hip Hop sensibilities are seamless throughout the contextual and sonic approach of this CD.

Dirty South music, as a subgenre, has been widely successful for many years, but is limited in focus and lacks topic diversity.  Mileage takes a different path and offers interpersonal insight from GOAT with varied lyrical content as a foundation.

“When I listen to music, I want to feel like I know the artist and go through life with them. My music is alike in that way.
People can relate to what I’m going through and feel as if they’re not going through their trials and tribulations alone. At the
same time, it’s a needed outlet for me to stay halfway sane,” GOAT explains.
In addition to broadening his core fan base in Dallas, GOAT seeks to expand that base to a larger regional and national level
of exposure. Many of the songs were debuted during his recent summer tour. The early reception of songs from Mileage was
received with immediate positive feedback from audiences at venues such as Babylon in Fresno, California, and Copper State
Tavern in Glendale, Arizona.  flyer

The official CD Release Party for Mileage will take place on November 7th at the Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas.  Also releasing records on this night are Elle and Jack Rabbit James.  Three individual, independent CD’s that will surely rock your world.  elle

For more information, contact:
Justin Griffith, The Intelligent South


One Response to “Goat & three6t CD Release Party”

  1. I LOVED this show. It was really entertaining. I thought Elle absolutely killed it, and the boys were off the chain. What a beautiful night.

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