Seeing the Future (Part Two)

At a recent Board Meeting, Melody Hay took the time to voice her concern for the emotional health of our organization.  She brought to our attention the need to care not only for ourselves as individuals but for our community of artists as a whole.  If we personally fail to pay attention to our internal barometer we run the risk of burnout, the loss of vision and an overwhelming sense of overload.  It is no different for the community.

In the course of giving birth, there is a portion of time called the Transition.  According to the Birthing Naturally website, this is the period usually just prior to the birth of the baby that can be the most difficult for mothers.  They are most likely to give up during this time.  It can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, chills and shivers and a strong need for emotional support.

Welcome to the Real World where our personal transitions can be a lot like giving birth.  We face a major hurdle and it seems much easier to give up.  We get sick thinking about all the options before us, the risk of change and the fear of failure.  Support from our tribe is crucial to a healthy perspective of our path.

As ArtLoveMagic enters into this next phase of its life, I’m eagerly anticipating what will transpire in our circles.  The potential for impact is tremendous.  The doors that are opening are beyond amazing and the trail we’re blazing is burning with creative hearts and minds ready to make Dallas a much healthier place to be an artist.

So, what will that look like?  Stay tuned.

Post by Justin Nygren


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