Open House


Open House – September 23rd, 2009

These are some pictures from our most recent Open House at the Deep Ellum office.  As you can see, we really have a good time at these gatherings, enjoying both live music and a hands-on art project.  This time we even had the pleasure of watching local painter Ben Moss create live in front of our newly hung gallery.  Very cool.  The following is our new meeting/open house schedule until the end of the year.


ARTLOVEMAGIC peeps – take note: the weekly meeting has been transformed to one meeting per month on the first Wednesday of each month.  While we know you’ll miss working your butt off for us every week J we decided that once a month is more appropriate for the end of the year since there are so many holidays coming up, and since we seem to have been getting so much done recently thanks to ALL OF YOU!!!  The open houses will be the third Wednesday of each month for all to enjoy whether or not you come to the monthly meeting.

By the way, ANYONE can come to these meetings/open house parties!!!!  So bring it.

September 30th – Meeting lead by Justin Nygren

October 7th – Meeting lead by David Rodriguez

October 21st – Open House Party

November 4th – Meeting

November 18th – Open House Party

December 2nd – Meeting

December 16th – Open House Party


MUSICIANS/LIVE ARTISTS: Please email if you are interested in being some of our live music/art for the open house dates.  The music is typically “Shanty style” which means open jam.  Look forward to hearing from you!


Deborah Driscoll


k&zkellygracegregguitaraidanpaintphoto’s by Nicole Rodriguez.

One Response to “Open House”

  1. drtombibey Says:

    Wow, this looks like the one we had at our office. Very cool!

    I love open houses, and posted on our recent doctor office one on my blog.

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