AnthonyMichaelLagocki & our new Blogs

photo by Hal Samples
photo by Hal Samples




 Dear readers of this blog:

 As you know, Michael Anthony Lagocki, one of the three founders of ArtLoveMagic is taking a brief sabbatical from the organization to work on his own personal artistic endeavors.  As an organization that supports the arts, you can see how this was an easy decision to support. 


photo by Jenice Johnson

photo by Jenice Johnson

Since 2007, Mike has produced, volunteered for, slaved for, and through it all enjoyed EVERY single event up to the most recent Art & Coffee.  That’s over 50 successful, life-changing experiences offered to thousands.  From the entirety of the ArtLoveMagic family, THANK YOU MIKE, and WE LOVE YOU!!! 

From now till about January you will continue to see the blog updated at least bi-weekly by a variety of writers.  If any one in our family has something new they think should be added to our blog regarding arts happenings around the area, please email the articles directly to  


 photo by Nicole Rodriguez  photo by Alexandra Harris photo by Josh Dryk 

 Additional photo’s by Nicole Rodriguez, Alexandra Harris and Josh Dryk.

As always, thanks for paying attention!


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