last few days…

post by Michael Lagocki


I have two more days in artlovemagic before taking an extended break (see: artlovesabbatical) and I’m filled with a lot of Love for this organization. The other night someone asked me if I was going to look at the website while I’m away. The question shocked me a bit. I hadn’t thought about that.

As I prepare to go, things look good. girlShow was our most successful event ever (was that only last month!?!!?) The DART event just went off well despite the most hardcore rainstorm I’ve ever seen an event like this go down in. ArtLoveMagic and weather have a long and strange history (ask Justin about it).


Arts Goggle ad by David Rodriguez and Riki Johnson

Ahead of us, the upcoming Fort Worth event looks crazy. That is an incredible lineup. You should make plans to go. Mike Guinn and Will Richey and The Texas Redlegs sharing a stage is no joke. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Fire painting, live welding, live DJs, the visual artist list is bananas. Really, don’t miss it.

Also in the weeks before my break, it’s been clear the organization is growing fast and has more dedicated people then ever. Getting involved here means making a difference in the lives of creative people; all of us (musicians, artists, poets, actors, writers) working together to do something positive and impactful.

I love that at this moment we’re seeing many of the artists we work closely with us enjoying growth in their careers and lives. Last night I watched the Texas Redlegs perform an amazing set and win the second round of the Shiner Rising Stars Competition. They’re on to the finals where they’ll compete for a record contract and tour. This week I purchased work by photographer Jenice Johnson at Paperie & Co. in Mockingbird Station. Will Richey’s company is growing. Hal Samples has landed some incredible assignments. Samax made the cover fo the Dallas Quick. I’ve gotten lucky enough to do several gigs with the Dallas Museum of Art, something I really enjoy. Many of us have been blessed.

Jenice Johnson's Gummy Bear card photography.
That’s why finding ways we can collaborate together, doing shows, community engagement, friendship- it all just makes sense. I talked to Tom and Paul of Nomad Arts a few nights ago, another group with a similar mission to ArtLoveMagic. We agreed, the pool of creative talent in this city is nearly unlimited. We talked about how the city could benefit from more organizations like us, and that rather than feel competitive, we should find ways to do cool things together. I hope to put together a joint show with them some day.

I’ve spent the last week hanging out with a lot of ArtLoveMagic people. I will miss them terribly over the next season. I kid that I’m going “off-planet”. I’m thinking more and more about renting a car and picking a direction and doing a long time on the road. I’m open to whatever comes at me.

I believe my time away will be good for this organization and healing to myself.

Please support this artlovedream any way you can while I’m gone.


photo credits:
Sarah and Michael in Art Park photographed by Nicole Rodriguez, Michael’s rainsoaked drawing from the DART event was photographed by Amanda Davis, the Arts Goggle ad was designed by David Rodriguez with art by Riki Johnson, the awesome Gummy Bear card was created by Jenice Johnson

4 Responses to “last few days…”

  1. I love this. What a wonderful way to remember where we are and where we are going. I really needed to read this. It has opened my mind back up to seeing the light…and the journey.

    We will miss you, Mike! But you will be around I bet…in ways. I mean already I unexpectedly saw you guys on Main Street heading to the Red Legs show the same day I was paying my friend who designed my new site! A small world means seeing friends…every where you turn. 🙂

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  3. I so agree. Love you, Jenice. You have taken some of the most absolutely beautiful shots of artlovemagic events we have. Your eye is wonderful. Good luck with your Gummy ventures.

  4. Powerful dreams endure even into the waking mind – to be clung onto and lived out in wild imagination as long as ever we can.
    May reality wake to find itself taken over by this dream.

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