DART event was a success

You know, I was really proud of our crew this weekend. The DART event might’ve been rainy, but it was beautiful. I couldn’t believe that we drew a big crowd despite the fierce rain, and was even more surprised at how long they stayed. Most everyone had a smile, even though the conditions were pretty insane.

A full report is coming soon, that will detail the art and music that celebrated the Green Line’s arrival to Deep Ellum. But for right now, I just wanted to quickly share a few photographs of the beautiful smiles captured some local photographers who attended.


10427_154598865959_504365959_3505427_8298073_nAmanda Davis photographed by Jenice Johnson

9017_138141141791_75263846791_3053378_8134261_nDeborah Driscoll with facepainting (and photo) by Sondra Beamon

10427_154599445959_504365959_3505429_1772224_nJustin Nygren photographed by Jenice Johnson

10327_134683696175_710026175_3010430_5572374_nJaden Rodriguez photographed by her Mom!
(Nicole Rodriguez)

7431_1165297347088_1667537247_412847_8028833_n-1Wet doggie photographed by Angel Ward-Wright

7730_131177851145_546986145_3010486_3223957_nHal Samples photographed by ???

Thanks everyone for coming out.
More on this one soon.


One Response to “DART event was a success”

  1. michael langley Says:

    My wife Susan offered to shoot Hal’s photo in exchange for him doing for everyone else that day.

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