As many of you know, Deep Ellum has been going through an outdoor art revival of late. From the creation of the 30 foot tall Traveling Man Statue, to the new murals that run along Good Latimer, to now- the refreshing of DE’s famous Art Park. The Art Park project has involved many local artists including a few core ArtLoveMagic members. The following is the press release created by Tressie Knowlton, pics are by the lovely Carolyn Collins.

Deep Ellum Welcomes New Public Artwork to Art Park

ArtPark 3 by Carolyn Collins.jpgDallas, TX – A Ribbon Cutting event will welcome the new public artwork to Deep Ellum’s Art Park on Saturday, September 12th. From 2-4 pm, the Deep Ellum Foundation invites artists, residents, and visitors to enjoy more than 30 new outdoor paintings.

The concrete sculptures that have greeted visitors since the mid 90s have been repainted for the first time in over a decade. Immediately following the DART Super Saturday event a few blocks over , the Deep Ellum Foundation will host the Art Park Ribbon Cutting. Art Park is located along Commerce Street, Canton Street, and Good Latimer Expressway under Interstate 75. Just walk across Good Latimer from Bark Park Central.

Thanks to funding from the Farmers Market Tax Increment Financing District, the entire Deep Ellum Connector is getting a makeover. The lights that illuminate the sculptures after dark are the result of electrical repairs to Art Park’s lighting system. The lights have not worked for years, but now they shine brightly on the new paintings. ArtPark 2 by Carolyn Collins.jpg

The Deep Ellum Foundation is also working with the Texas Department of Transportation to add mural paintings to many of the highway columns under Interstate 75 as the next phase of the Art Park project.

“The lighting improvements were critical to light the artwork at night and to increase public safety in the area,” says longtime Deep Ellum developer, John Miller of PlanB Development, who is a member of both the Farmers Market and Deep Ellum TIF boards.

“The benefit of the art installation goes a long way in connecting the Farmers Market community to Deep Ellum.”

ArtPark 1 by Carolyn Collins.jpgThe Deep Ellum Foundation organized a contest to select the new images for Art Park. A selection panel reviewed the 60 plus submissions and selected a variety of styles, colors and imagery to adorn the sculptures for years to come.

Jasmine Donnell, a Deep Ellum resident and local artist, painted a sculpture that happens to be one block from where she lives.

There are so many talented artists in the Deep Ellum community, I was honored to have been chosen. Most of my art is normally just viewed by friends, family and clients through my work. So, it’s personally gratifying to have my art displayed in the neighborhood I live in, for the people I admire the most,” explains Donnell.

Michael Lagocki’s image reflects a character he calls “Haley”.  ArtPark 5 by Carolyn Collins.jpg He is glad to share her love with Deep Ellum.

“Outdoor art is about sharing something with the community. My intent with my piece was to bless the neighborhood, maybe put a smile on a few faces, and share a positive emotion.”

The project did, indeed, connect the community. Passersby stopped to ask what was going on, and to watch the artists in action. Many residents taking their dogs for a stroll in Bark Park Central walked over to say hello. Some interested onlookers even staked out for hours.

“It was amazing to see how many people came out while we were painting. They took pictures and thanked us for the art,” tells Lagocki.  ArtPark 6 by Carolyn Collins.jpg

Many of the participating artists will be on hand at the Art Park Ribbon Cutting to answer questions about their pieces and listen to feedback from the community. The Deep Ellum Foundation invites everyone to come enjoy some refreshments and take in the new scenery.

For more information about the Art Park Ribbon Cutting-
Contact: Lee Ann Stone
Deep Ellum Foundation
(214) 747-3337

**Carolyn Collins’ photos in order of appearance:
David Rodriguez in action
Jasmine Donnell and Kate Langley (with parents) working on their sculptures
Eddie Walker painting “She’s DET”
Michael Lagocki and “Haley”
Many locals stopped by to watch the painters


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  1. MochaCaligirl Says:

    I am so excited about this. I love, love, love Deep Ellum. It reminds me of home.

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