girlShow rocked.


6052_135141280959_504365959_3219684_3818640_nWow. I mean wow.

Photographers are editing, writers are writing. I know there will be a ton of articles and images coming your way from girlShow across the next few days, but here’s the skinny:

ArtLoveMagic’s first two night event, girlShow2009, was an unqualified success. Friday night was crowded, Saturday night was packed. Around 700 attendees between the two nights. New experiments like the spa and the fashion show went off without a hitch.

The girls were brilliant.

More pics and stories coming your way fast, but I wanted to share a few images right away (shouldn’t I be asleep?).




photos by Jenice Johnson
post by Michael Lagocki


6 Responses to “girlShow rocked.”

  1. WOW….what a night!! I had a GREAT time, the venue was perfect, atmosphere was electrifying, and the talent was Awesome!! A MILLION thanks to the Leadership Team and wonderful volunteers that made it all happen…y’all are so exquisite!

    Michelle 🙂

  2. Ashley Jones Says:

    There are not words to truly express the greatness that was girlShow! So much positive energy! So much creativity! So much love! So much! So much! So much! It was even big and better than I could have even imagined! Thank you so much for the inspiration…and the feelings of belonging! I finally feel alive again! I love it! What a great thing!

  3. Definitely a night to remember. The Atomic Pink glow still lights our eyes! Thank you for giving us a Friday night spot light. Here’s to the future which will surpass even more than what even think we can accomplish!

  4. One of the top 10 experiences of my life.

  5. Hey all. I spoke to Amanda Davis (i believe that is her name) about her artwork at this show. I would like to get in contact with her to do a painting for me. Does anyone know her email address or how I can get a hold of her? I would really appreciate any help I can get!!!
    (she’s the one in the photo above painting the mans face)

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