Lots of Parties

You may have noticed we’ve been throwing a lot of parties at our office lately. We work hard, we’re all volunteers, and we need to have times where we’re just hanging out and having fun together. Our parties aren’t usually publicly advertised, but they are open to anyone who wants to contribute to artlovemagic and help us bless the Dallas art scene.

6128_114796721175_710026175_2742655_3082812_nWe had a pretty good turnout considering we announced the party 48 hours before and had a rainstorm come down on top of us.

6128_114796691175_710026175_2742650_2598670_nThe night was billed as a concert. Deb Driscoll, Aaron Garcia, and Kelly Nygren opened the mic with some smooth, jazzy sounds.

6128_114796761175_710026175_2742661_863105_nNext up was Gayden/Lee. Tommy (playing guitar and sitting) is the original drummer of the Redlegs, and recently departed to take care of his health and pursue new music with Gayden/Lee. After his set, he watched the Redlegs (it was the first time he’d seen them play since leaving the band).

6128_114796811175_710026175_2742669_7398918_nThey play a great mix of covers and originals by both Erin and Tommy. You can hear a taste and check their upcoming gigs here. http://www.myspace.com/gaydenlee

6128_114796886175_710026175_2742677_2425339_nWe were planning to have the Texas Redlegs play in our parking lot, but the rain meant we had to move them inside. That’s a whole lotta sound for one little community center. It was pretty crazy in there.

6128_114796906175_710026175_2742679_5268702_nAs Kelly Nygren said, you don’t usually get to see the Redlegs under flourescent light. True pros at all this, the guys put on a great show. Their new drummer, Valente, has a great sound. This band rocks every single time I see them. www.texasredlegs.com

6128_114796921175_710026175_2742681_660023_nWe’re artists. We can’t help it. We always seem to be drawing on something.

6128_114796716175_710026175_2742654_6054695_nBabies dig local rock and roll too.

6128_114796866175_710026175_2742674_7520591_nGreat people. At times, artlovemagic is a lot of challenge, especially because we still desperately need people and resources. But really, I can’t imagine a much better way to spend my time then surrounded by the folks in this photo.

6128_114796876175_710026175_2742675_7978874_nIt was meant to give us a night of fun and rest before this weekend’s massive girlShow. I don’t know about rest, but it was definitely fun. Thanks to all who attended and performed. So much love.

post by Michael Lagocki
photos by Nicole Rodriguez


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  1. A. Jewell Says:

    I love the movement…

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