Price Tags For Your Art

Last week, I did a small writeup about my prep work for the upcoming Girlshow and there was an inquiry about how to tag art work.  There are a couple different ways to do this….

1. Print out a small label
2. Create a tag to put on or in front of your piece by using the back side of one of your business cards.

What does your Price Tag need to have on it?      Title of the piece, Year of completion, Medium, Size, and Price.    Please make sure that if you’re making these by hand that you print out the info clearly so that people can read it easily.

Where should you put your price tag?   I would suggest in front of the actual piece.  When we go to the store and get bread, the price is right there for us to see so that we can contemplate whether or not we want to make a purchase.  Most of the time, we don’t have to go and ask for a clerk for a price check, so thinking like a buyer will definitely help you to be a better seller.  As artrepraneurs, we should have everything labeled for our potential patrons so that their fine art purchase experience is as hassle free as possible.    🙂

by Michelle McSpadden


One Response to “Price Tags For Your Art”

  1. thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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