Amazed and Humbled

In less than two weeks, a dream will come true for tons of people in Dallas. For some it will be the dream of their first public show of their art. For some it will be the dream of helping a movement in its motion. The dreams are as numerous and as deep as each heart involved.

art by girlShow producer Melody Hay

art by girlShow producer Melody Hay

For me, the dream boils down to this: seeing people that I have personally impacted take control of a project and make it shine brighter than I could have ever conceived. You see, since her conception, ArtLoveMagic shows have been primarily produced by me, Mike Lagocki and Dave Rodriguez. We’ve rounded up the artists, called and organized the volunteers, secured the venues, led the pre-meetings… You get the idea.

But with girlShow, we have been able to let go of the reigns. Melody Hay, Deb Driscoll, Nicole Rodriguez and my beautiful wife, along with a host of others, have come to the forefront of the movement and created an extremely beautiful show for the world to see.

As a producer, there are very few things that can bring me more joy than to see others learn the art of production and create scenarios of beauty and creativity that change the cultural landscape of a city. Part of our mission is to help artists find their identity and grow into their roles of society, not to create an organization that babysits and hands people things on a silver plate. And, to see people take control of a story and make a new chapter is an incredible gift.

So, I’d like to give mad props to my Sisters in Production and tell you, the reader, that your face is about to be rawked off.
Go get your tickets now.

post by Justin Nygren

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  1. Thanks Justin!

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