ArtLoveMagic Entry Image: Super Size Me!

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The top photo is the original image used in creating the new entry for And no, if you go to Main and N Good Latimer Expy in Deep Ellum, you will not see all that white writing on the east wall of The Door.

So, how freakin’ cool is it to have a well known artist, Frank Campagna, recreate a doodle I made,… A FREAKIN’ DOODLE!… and slap on a wall in Deep Ellum to advertise the biggest show ArtLoveMagic has for the year? I will tell you: It is very cool.

I intentionally did a very quick doodle of this image to give to the ladies who are producing girlShow so they could find a female artist to interpret it. They liked it so much that they didn’t want anyone to mess with it and kept the design as is. A few months later, one of the most impactful artists within downtown Dallas is reproducing the simplest sketch I’ve ever done with a sharpie for the whole city to see. Had I known it was going to come to this I would have spent more time on the illustration, trying to make it look as good as I could possibly make it. I’ve never had my artwork posted quite so large in a public place before. I feel blessed.

Along with the mural, fliers, and web advertising, the gas-mask-wearing-girl logo will also be appearing on t-shirts at the event. So bring those dollars if you want something one of a kind because the artists of girlshow printed these tees by hand. Check’em out at the show. I’ll see you there.

-Posted by David Rodriguez


3 Responses to “ArtLoveMagic Entry Image: Super Size Me!”

  1. HA!
    that’s what’s up!

  2. hello-was in ellum on friday & saw the wall. kix as*!!! good stuff.

  3. Yeah, this was a great thing to have the wall, work with Frank, and of course David’s images are always so cool.

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