Art and Coffee, Artistic Expressions by Dallas Artists

Words by Lizette Sinclair
Photos by Josh Dryk

Music and art pervaded the sultry summer day at Saxby’s Coffee House.  Expressions of color danced on the canvases, while the music caressed the pavement, lingering long enough to have you swaying in time to the melodious chorus.  As the people arrived, the air became ignited with the appreciation of art in movement.  As I made my way through the forums of décor, I found a sense of oneness, as each artist dared to explore the other side of this tangible reality.

6771_242374965104_568105104_7654542_6106687_nTo greet you, was the profound work of Riki Johnson.  Her amazing paintings depict the strength and agility of woman.  Her portrayal of the female physique adorns the canvases and you can feel them inhale the essence of what it means to truly control the feminine aura.  I was impressed by her bold sense of self and the message each of her paintings send out.  They scream, “I am Woman, and I am beautiful!”

Within the cool confines of Saxby’s you could find the amazing photography of Carolyn Collins.  Her keen eye and depth of emotion can be seen in each and every one of her photos.  From her vibrant shot of life among the streets of Italy, to the soothing testament of the trees, draped in black and white, her work inspires and captures reality in a way most of us never see.  Her work is tantalizing and you can easily lose yourself in each piece.


Budding artist, Olga Munoz dazzled us with her kaleidoscope of colors that brought an ambience of futility, while keeping our attention on the small details of her beautiful landscape portrait.  She said to me, “I’m a new artist.  But I love it!“  How wonderful to see the world through a new artist’s eyes.

Before you could make your way any further, the facets of Barbara Moore’s glasswork glistened and begged to be noticed.  Desiree’s hand-woven, eclectic jewelry, with its earthy façade,  sat eagerly to impress, and it did!  And as a writer, I was in awe of the hand-carved wooden pens done by Tim Dugger.  The craftsmanship and beauty made each one unique.  I could use one and tell my fellow writers, “Eat your hearts out!”

6771_242363830104_568105104_7653787_2452068_nOutside, the artist Joe Townson did a live portrait painting of the lovely Dehvon Ward.  I felt as though I had seen an Egyptian Goddess, gathering her followers to her as she sat perfectly still, while his paint strokes lovingly captured her timeless beauty for all to see.  Let me also mention that Joe’s paintings resembled unbridled symmetry, within the confines of chaotic beauty.  You can’t help but look again and again.

As the sun began to set, the performers entertained us with their graphic voices and fiery songs.  First up was Matt Barron.  His bluesy guitar and his raspy R&B voice started the night rolling!  I watched the audience as they tapped their feet and nodded their heads.  I knew this night was going to be memorable.

Mike Watts awed the audience with his trumpet playing, transporting us back in time with his forties style flair mixed with the presence of soul.  His jazzy style was a definite eye opener, leaving you pining for more.  Jay Bookworm performed a poetic rendition of self awareness which left the audience speechless.  The words flowed outward and struck a chord within each listener, perplexing our need to treat humans as humans and not as objects, for which there is no emotion, nor depth.

As the next performer was introduced, I could see it was going to be a treat.  The beautiful Julie, with her long flowing skirt, sat upon the stage with her sitar and played with such elegance and beauty that it was one of the highlights for me.  The sound that permeated was one that made you think of magical liaisons between lovers such that Mirabai personified in The Saffron.

Gary Brown entertained us with his distinct and deliberate style of beatnik music, which brought out the flower power in me.  His daddy-o persona and acoustic guitar made it easy to lose yourself for just a moment and forget the rest of the world was there with you.

Now, I was perplexed by this next performer, but I soon fell into his trance as he played his celestial music, which had me seeing visions of star dancers, entwined with the Luna’s embrace.  Indeed, Crazy Charlie has a sound that he alone owns.  I was very impressed by the artistic quality of his piece.  It was original and carried a depth I have not seen in awhile.


The headliners took stage and I can tell you, it was well worth the wait.  Erin Gayden and Tommy Lee, or better known as Gayden Lee brought a bohemian feel to the audience.  Their voices, in perfect sync, opened with Video Killed the Radio Star.  Feet were tapping, heads were nodding and smiles adorned each person.  They treated us to new songs, soon to be released on their LP, Songs for Thursday.  Their music is a mixture of love and enlightenment, showered with a little rock and a little roll.  Keep your eyes and ears out for this duo.  They’re taking Dallas by storm!


The night carried on, while more performers captivated our senses.  Diane and Sean, blended their two talents, giving us one strong performance.  Diane’s sultry voice lulled the audience.  Julie Monroe’s angelic voice brought emotions to a halt as she sang of love lost.  Michelle gave us vivid imagery of her life through song, allowing us to peer into her very soul.  Ted gave an excellent poetry performance, speaking of truth and of humanity, then he graced us with a song, as he crooned of love and of loss.


A special treat was Delphi.  When her fingers stroked the piano, it was mesmerizing.  She sang of oppression and of human rights.  She was a definite joy to watch.  And Arianne…Wow!  This woman can sing.  Her voice is powerful and folks, she’s got spunk!  Her full octave range blew the audience away.  I can definitely see us buying tickets for her next show.  We were also treated to two band members of The Texas Red Legs.  Shaggy Jay-Kur and Greg Ramirez rocked the audience and believe me, there were no feet still during their performances.

As this magical night wound down, how better to close the show, than with Art Love Magic’s own Deb?  Her voice rivals that of the great Janice Joplin as she belted out the last song.  This fiery red head has got a voice to be reckoned with.  When she was done, all you could say was, “Wow!”


I can tell you that I was seduced by the aura of artistry this night.  We are surrounded by art everyday, in many different forms.  When you visit a show by Art Love Magic, you are not only surrounded by art, but you are part of it.  You don’t have to know art to appreciate it.  Like the old adage say, “I don’t know art, but I know what I like,” is very true.  Visit Art Love Magic on the web at  Come see for yourself, one of Dallas’ best art groups.  Lose yourself for one night, lost in imagery and vocal beauty.  I did and I’ll be back for more!


4 Responses to “Art and Coffee, Artistic Expressions by Dallas Artists”

  1. pretty nice post

  2. Lizette and Josh,

    First, thank you for not only your labors of love but the quality of them. Your combined efforts have effectively extracted and assembled a wonderfully descriptive portrait of just one more outstanding Art,Love,Magic event.

    Second, thank you for the glowing and thoroughly unexpected review. How intriguing it is to see one’s own work through another’s eyes.


  3. After reading, I felt like I was there. I wish I was. Good job Lizette and Josh. All that was missing was a poetry reading or reading from a new novel. Peace. Jerome Peterson

  4. It’s always scary to be vulnerable in front of people, but singing to a crowd of art and music lovers made it a lot easier. Thanks for letting me share my heart through song. I had a great time listening to others with a similar passion and watching the art take shape around me. I can’t wait for more!

    🙂 Michelle

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