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GenesisWrite About Your Artwork 

Buying art is an investment, so as a producer/seller, start to think like a buyer. When you’re making an investment, do you want to know more info about what you’re buying? By offering info about your work technique, medium, subject matter, imagery symbolism, style, etc., it can help establish connections with your customer and increase the value of your work. You can do this by creating a one page essay/write-up about your work. 


Having reproductions of your work done can greatly increase your profitability and save you time.  If you have a particular image that is popular with people, don’t keep on drawing/painting it over and over again.  You need to keep on developing your talent and create NEW things!

A set edition of 100 prints is worth more than a 1000 set edition, because there are fewer prints available, so this increases demand, which raises the price.  Be sure to sign and number your reproductions clearly so that the prints keep their value.

***There are many ways to reproduce your images these days, but artist/buyer beware….some prints are archival and some are not.  The ones that are archival will be more costly, but they will stand the test of time.  (125+ years)   If you’re using a good printer that produces  archival prints, be sure to advertise that…it’s one of your key marketing points.***


Certificates of Authenticity (COA) are relatively easy to create and great to offer your patrons as additional documentation about each particular piece or artwork. The COA needs to have the following typed: your full name, the title of the artwork, medium, size, date of completion, your signature and the date you signed it. You can google COA and you’ll find several different docs to reference. To make your COA less forgeable, do something unique…I use a special kind of paper for my COAs and I sign them in purple ink.

Pricing & Displaying Your Art

Anytime you’re displaying your artwork, make sure that the price is clearly marked.  (When we go to the store, the products are usually priced for us so that we don’t have to ask anybody.) 

Don’t Be Shy…Talk About Your Art

If you see somebody looking and/or lingering around your work, ask them if they have any questions about the subject matter, inspiration, or technique.  Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers about your work….Being friendly may open the door to a great sale opportunity, friendship, or both.

A Few Helpful Websites for Artists: – see what COOL stuff we have coming up and the AMAZING things that we’ve done so far! – Dallas’ Premier Giclee printer – you can look at the work from a TON of artists in the Southwest. Click on the different cities, then artists.  This can be a great research tool for pricing, web design, etc. OR – put your imagery on various items


This is my last article on Art Business for right now.  I hope all of the info has been a blessing to you in some way.   🙂

Michelle McSpadden


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