Visual Artists – Developing Your Career

Have you been keeping up with Michelle McSpadden’s excellent series of blogs about Art Business? It’s our first attempt at formally sharing some of the collective’s knowledge about careers on this blog. Michelle has some really simple, really good ideas on how to go from a hobbyist to a professional. This is a great place to start if you’d like to see your art start to supplement your income.

Read on.

Building a Body of Work

Sole Proprietorship for Artists

Pricing Your Art

Art Marketing Part 1

Art Marketing Part 2

Increasing Your Profit Margin

One Response to “Visual Artists – Developing Your Career”

  1. There is a beautifully published book called “Wisdom & the Dreamer”
    by Kristen Thies. It should sit on the bookself of every visual artist out there trying to develop his or her career. Great tips on marketing your art work and yourself as an artist. Beautiful images in the book as well – many by foremost representational artist Richard Schmid. Also images from the very talented artists Nancy Guzik (R. Schmid’s wife) and
    Timothy Thies, who has been mentored as an artist by Richard Schmid.

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