Party at our offices

6771_235756695104_568105104_7458825_1846885_nOn Wednesday Night July 1st, we decided to throw a party at the artlovemagic offices. We’ve had a busy couple of months (8 events between May and June) and we decided it was time to kick back and celebrate our accomplishments.

The vibe in the room was incredible. About 30 people from all across the spectrum of folks who’ve been hanging with us showed up. We had a live acoustic music jam, interactive painting, a few poets, and even some live hip hop.

This was truly a wonderful night. Great people. Great times. Great shots by photographer Josh Dryk.


Delphi is back. The lovely songstress has been overseas for the last 8 months. This party was the first time most of her friends got to see her since landing ashore. Here she jams with Jaimie and Josh Reeves.


Jeff Kiec brought boards and paint for an urban art assualt project. We did spontaneous paintings with the intent of placing them around Deep Ellum – in spots that cry for art.


DJ Dean Dillenger and Joel Chappel jump into the interactive painting.


Mimo Moralle keeps the beat while Zach jams.
A lot of talent in this picture.


The room was packed. ArtLoveMagic is relational at it’s heart. This is the single best place to meet new friends I’ve ever encountered.


This is how we end up recording the history of artlovemagic. Local photographers (like Alexandra Harris) show up and take great shots.Thirty years from now I’m still going to be finding new pics from these days.


Local rapper IZK struggles to remember a line as Khalid beatboxes.
This rhyme, titled Quality Control, was wonderful. Really inspiring.


Almost looks like I know how to play that thing, don’t it?


How cool was it to see Delphi jam with Mimo?

Deb’s beautiful harmonies add a lot to the sound.

Thanks to everyone for coming out.
It’s good to be surrounded by this kind of energy.

For those who want to be part of something like this, reach out to and find out how to get involved behind the scenes at artlovemagic. David runs meetings almost every Wednesday night to help plan and manage our activities. Anyone who has a giving spirit is welcome.

post by Michael Lagocki
photos by Josh Dryk


3 Responses to “Party at our offices”

  1. thank you so much for this great chronicle… it was a WONDERFUL night. i can never help but praise and bless God when i walk away from anything w/this group. thank you ❤

  2. “The room was packed. ArtLoveMagic is relational at it’s heart. This is the single best place to meet new friends I’ve ever encountered.”

    I totally agree! artlovemagic is food for the soul

  3. We’re very lucky. We have been a magnet for good people.

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