ArtLoveMagic… It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.

I was supposed to be working on some other materials this past weekend but all of a sudden this image popped into my mind and I had to do it.

Yeah, I know it’s a bit nerdy but I really enjoy working in Photoshop and blending images together to create a new illustration. The painter is bad-ass illustrator Josh Boulet as he was doing his magic at Illuminate. Original photo taken by Jenice Johnson. I haven’t decided yet if I’m adding this image to our wallpaper selection on the Media page within I will be adding more images to that page soon. Let me know what you think of the image. Do you have a favorite entry image that we have used in the past? Got an idea for a future illustration? Comment on this post or send me a jpg of your concept ( and maybe we can use it.

post by David Rodriguez


3 Responses to “ArtLoveMagic… It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.”

  1. This one is cool, especially knowing how much Boulet digs Star Wars. I love that one of me and Serena after Leeson painted me. And of course I love the one with the dust storm.

    Oh and the Christmas one.

    Dang. They’re all good.

  2. josh is representin’! i dig it!

  3. I remember doing that drawing. it was right before I had to rescue a princess and jump into a garbage dump only to escape in a piece of junk that can make the kettle run in 5.5 parsnips. HAHA! I LOVE Art Love Magic!

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