ArtLoveMagic Opens their House

IMG_0353Article by Deb Driscoll
photo by Michael Lagocki

Did you know that we were cool enough in the eyes of the Deep Ellum Association to have an office donated for us to use for the greater good of the arts?  Well, we are.  And Wednesday night we opened the doors to our collective artist family for a hang out and mingle session.  It was tightly packed and rightly so since there were live performances from Serena Wills, Kelly Nygren, Spencer Garland (and friends), Matt Barron, pizza, drinks, and Eddie Walker even let us fiddle with his Air Brush contraption.

Sounds pretty cool, huh?  Yeah, we thought so, too.  Thanks to all who came out and made the night so much fun!

If you liked how it went, or feel slightly jealous about missing out then I cordially invite you to come out again NEXT Wednesday night at 7pm for our weekly management meeting.  That’s where all the magic happens, the events are planned, ideas are exchanged and yeah we totally kick it every week.  Now you know.  We don’t occupy the office all the time.  We have art to do.

The address to the office is:

2630 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75226

Much Love!

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