Hal Samples: Mother’s Day Shots



Frequently at artlovemagic shows, you’ll see a photographer shooting portraits of our guests. I’m often amazed at how much happiness people get out of standing with their friends and getting their pictures taken. This practice was started by Hal Samples at our 2007 Urban Arts Fest show, and now has been continued by many of our other photographers.

At our recent Mothers Day celebration for artlovemagic artists and their families, Hal joined us again shooting some beautiful poratraits and filling the room with light.  The evening was hosted at his gallery, with live art and music. These are just of few of the beautiful images that were taken.


As you can see, Hal has a pretty amazing eye. As far as I can tell, he’s an expert at capturing two things when he does portrait work, the uniqueness of a human face, and the unique happiness it expresses.


All the pictures can be seen here at Hal’s website. If you were there  and would like to purchase a print, they start as low as $3.

Thanks again, Hal!





posted by Michael Lagocki


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