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deb_02by Deb Driscoll

ArtLoveMagic is known far and wide, all across the magic kingdom of Dallas for not only its delicious visual art, but also its scrumptious local music meaty-melodies.  It’s early and I haven’t had breakfast, hence the tasty adjective use.  But seriously, I feel genuinely satisfied after listening to any one of these as yet overlooked artists.  For instance, Haylee and Amanda are a duet of harmonious female voices paired with Haylee’s guitar singing as one voice, perfectly synched one with the other.  Playdough is huge in Australia (for real) and can rock a hand-held mic with his hip-hop hard-knock verbs in 2 heartbeats.  Parallel Play folks you right the heck up.  And Southern Karma soothes the soul and reminds you that what goes around comes around; in fact, their freshly released EP is entitled “What Goes Around…” and it sincerely takes the listener deep within their own heart.  I am not too proud to admit that track #1, “The Road” made me weepy when Michael Lagocki relayed to me how it applied in the life of one of our very dear friends.


A buzz about the lack of Indie Artists available to the main stream is now being generated across the web, and it’s about damned time!  That would lead me to believe that we need to jump on this sexy train of sultry sounds ASAP!

So what are we to do to get all of this local music heard without begging some crap radio stations owed by one power hungry jack ass to play them?  We give it out for free to local retailers who are proud of their city, its talents and their relationships with customers.  So I’m suiting up and hitting the road with a big mail bag of beats, passing around samplers of our artists to willing, local stores.


Here’s your shot, Dallas : email if you are interested in being hit up with free hand outs of quality local music to be played in your place of business.  My angle here is I won’t give these priceless promos out to just any ol’ store.  The stores that receive the music will be asked to put the CD into rotation on at least a bi-weekly basis so that there can be enough room for response from their customers.  As soon as your clientele start asking where they can buy the delightful music they are hearing, you can send them to our website,, where a list of our artists can be found with their respective websites.  I expect the demand to be large enough to sell individual retailers the full length CD’s on consignment to re-sell to their customers, and VOILA!  Local, independent music success for our city, our people, and our heartbeat.  No one does it up like Texas , folks.  So why the heck do we only want music from L.A. or New York or wherever they write the big contracts these days?  Exactly.


Be on the lookout for your friendly neighborhood ArtLoveMagic Music Director.  Oh and to my local musician peeps – if you are interested in being a part of the free music hand-out, let a girl know!

words by Deb
photos by Jenice Johnson


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