Something in the Wheel Highlighted in The Observer

As if Iris was not enough, take a gander over at the Observer blog.  Mimo Morreale and Daniel Pease of Something in the Wheel get some pretty sweet props.

mimo morrealle

We’ve been graced multiple times by Mimo’s incredible passion and hearty lyics at our shows.  You can see video of him opening our VISION show last year with “Let Justice Roll DOwn” on our YouTube channel HERE.  And you can see them performing the song mentioned on the Observer blog HERE accompanied by Vickie Blackwell of Faint Image and historic global fame for her days with Sly and the Family Stone.daniel pease

Commence Linkage:

If you’re still old school (or just wanna hear a few free tunes) check out their MySpace page.

If you’re on Facebook (despite how lame the new version of Facebook), you can become a fan.

Oh, and can’t forget that at the Observer blog, you can get a free download of their song, Ol’ Nathanial and the Thirsty River.”

Finally, on our very own site (in the music player on the top left), you can listen to their song, Three Days.  Its one of those rad breakup songs that reminds you just how good it feels to be single and having had and then lost love.  Leave it up to an Italian to write a love song.

–posted by Justin Nygren–


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