Building Ships for the Sea

There’s a quote out there that goes something like this:Riding a Tune

If you want to build a boat, do not gather men and teach them about wood and hammers, nails and oars.  Instead, tell them stories about the horizon and give them an insatiable longing for the sea.

When Mike shared this with me the other day, I wondered at how deeply it struck me.  And, truth be told, I’ve not been able to shake it since I heard it.

What it boils down to is this.  What we’re trying to do here with this little “thing” we’ve got going is help people see the horizon.  We want them to have permission to turn up the voice in their head that dreams bigger dreams than their cubicle selves would have them live.  We want there to be eye-opening moments where people’s true selves are identified, affirmed and given flight.  So, we use words like Dreams, Identity, Calling, Vision.  Not because we are affiliated with any religion (we’re not), but because we ourselves have been on the ocean and we want others to know its beauty.  Our fingertips have touched the horizon and we have been captivated by its song.

So, my friend, if you find yourself alone on your cubicle island not even remembering how you ended up there, take a look out on the distant horizon.  Our ship is fast approaching.  And we’ve got stories to tell.

–posted by Justin “ahoy matey” Nygren–


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