What’s Next? Pigs Flying?

So, it is no news that weird weather stalks our events like, we insert your own metaphor here. Freak dust storm the day of our first big show in 07. Hail ten minutes before we opened the doors to Illuminate. I could go on and on.

But now, it appears the whole of Denton County is in on the conspiracy. It appears that they heard we were going to throw a pretty rad shindig on Saturday at Mecca on Main and to quell any possibility of future competition with their Arts Fest, they released a statement urging all Denton County residents to avoid public gatherings this weekend in order to avoid the possible spread of Swine Flu.. Wow. Dust. Hail. Pigs? That’s quite a line up.
Anyway, we want to encourage everyone who was planning on coming out to the fundraiser to instead lock themselves into their studios, put on their face masks and use the afternoon for a little personal creative time. Who knows? Maybe the pigs can be your chunky little muse.

We’re planning another show with Mecca for the summer so we’ll let you know what develops after these pigs fly over.

— Posted by Justin “oink oink” Nygren —


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