Who is Samax Amen?

amenafro-11Samax Amen is a live, electric, energetic cartoonist. His firecracker fierce love of loud lines paints emotional grafitti on your spleen. When taken in high doses, this typically causes trip-like hallucinegenic effects that brighten your eyes, give rise to truth over illusion, and enable 1 out of 5 people to fly.

amen-ghettomangaOwnership of his comic book work will mean your home will never get struck by lighting. If you happen to own an original painting, all your decendents and their pets will be blessed for 7 generations.

While exploration of his many art galleries and excellent blog on popculture are highly recommended, novices are urged to be cautious and injest the work at a slower pace than its own momentum might compel you. Vertigo was most common in those test subjects who possesed a strong fear of hiphop.amenoldschool1

Sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, often benevolent and always soulful, the work of Samax Amen will enrichen your life and eventually develop your ab muscles. He is frequently visible throughout town at comic book shows, artlovemagic events, and reading graphic novels various local Barnes & Nobels.

I’ve worked with Samax for years. Although we draw in completely different styles, our work tends to blend together seamlessly. It’s because the driving force behind his work is his personality, and it reflects his open, enthusiastic nature.

Blessed are you who are new to his vibration. Proceed with joy and welcome the love.


for everything Samax, I’d start here:

posted by Michael Lagocki


2 Responses to “Who is Samax Amen?”

  1. *i’m blushing*
    (and for black people, that’s not easy to do!)

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