Why I Love Erin Gayden.


erin21Spotlight on local musician Erin Gayden
~ by Deb Driscoll 

Being a vocalist is like encompassing all of music in one form, as all instruments were originally dreamed up in order to mimic and compliment the human voice.  I have often wondered who the first lady was (had to be a woman with a mischievous curiosity) who realized that in lieu of speaking to her companions in whatever ancient language befell their Neanderthal tongues, she could squeeeeeeeeeeze her soul out through the sound of singing.  I wonder if those around her rejoiced with her and tried awkwardly to follow along, squeaking, moving air in and out of lungs, making all kinds of noise with their untrained, unknown new vocalizations. 

Erin Gayden is not an ancient being (to my knowledge) but she has been a soul-butterfly in transformation ever since we met last year in October.  The night we met was the first night she had ever performed her music live for an audience at, you guessed it – an ArtLoveMagic event.  She shared with me later how her nerves twitched with anxiety before taking the stage, and how her overwhelmed joy exploded on the phone with her father afterwards, “Dad they liked it.  They liked my music.”  Hence forth she has taken the stage again and again, recorded and written several new songs and is now collaborating with Dallas’s own multi-instrumental master, Tomy Lee in a project called GaydenLee.  I was privy to a conversation she had with Michael Lagocki, one of the three founders of ArtLoveMagic at a bar late one afternoon in which she thanked him, then purposefully captured his full attention again to state her heart-felt gratitude for the organization and how it inspired her to be openly who she is.  Always the ‘music freak’ sitting in her apartment obsessively gleaning new respect and ideas from her record collection, playing along on her exquisite Taylor acoustic guitar and gaining momentum through her dedication to music and new found support system to write.  She shared with me a deep love in her life named Jeff Buckley…we stayed up way too late and I know I cried.    


The thing I love most about Erin is that she is true to her own nature.  Such a feat is harder than it seems.  Sometimes we may feel like our skin is something we haven’t yet grown into, or fits too snugly for comfort.  While I have seen her struggle with this ride called life, I have seen and heard her laughter, her lyrics, and her cries out to others to feel free.  Her deep appreciation for her fellow musicians, and her eager intrigue to learn all she can while she’s here. 


Being a vocalist is one thing that is absolutely perfect already.  Being a vocalist, a guitar player, a songwriter, and a Unique-Freak Muse to others is something else entirely.


…And some of you haven’t even heard her yet.


I would suggest you remedy that right now, and smile at the thought of your guaranteed gladness that you did.




posted by Deb Driscoll

photos by Sherry Smith and Deb Driscoll 

2 Responses to “Why I Love Erin Gayden.”

  1. Amberly Russell Says:

    Erin is an inspiration to my soul. A songbird waiting to take flight, but not for long. And yes her fans do love her!!! Great article!

  2. It’s been great to get to know Erin enough to hear some of her songs as she’s writing them. She’s got such a cool style. The force is strong with this one.

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