New artlovemagic videos

So many cool things happen at our shows. Very few get captured (something I’d really like to improve upon). Here are two good videos shot at recent artlovemagic shows that I wanted to bring some attention to. 

The first is a capture of the piece that artist C. Kirk created live at our Underground show (1/31 at SouthSide on Lamar). Kirk uses a stencil and spray technique and incorporates some pretty cool imagery, like comic book characters paired with global corporate logos. The music on this piece is by dj36t and Goat. This video comes from the good folks at Pegasus News.

The second is from our Illuminate show (4/11 at Life in Deep Ellum). This is local rapper Playdough tearing it up on our stage. Illuminate was the first show that we had this level of stage set-up and lighting on, and bringing in Playdough (who both Mike and Dave are big fans off) was a real treat. This video was shot by Nicole Rodriguez. 

Many more videos of artists and musicians creating live at our shows can be seen in the video gallery of

And if you shoot or chop- we’re always looking for good videos of our stuff. Write for details.

posted by Michael Lagocki

3 Responses to “New artlovemagic videos”

  1. you know i CUTS for playdough…

  2. He put on a great performance. We’ll be working with him again when we partner with HipHopHelpsHeal on June 13th at the Bone.

  3. Thx for including us on here brother!

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