Like “fuel for artists”

I hope the authors of these quotes don’t mind me sharing their words. Building artlovemagic into something viable that can serve the Dallas art scene has been an incredible amount of work. No one here draws a paycheck, we’re doing this as a giving thing. So when times are tough, it’s comments like these keep us going.


“Thank you for having us play all these shows with you guys, it means a lot to us both and we come away inspired after playing one. Art Love Magic is like artist fuel.”
– Jeremy Drake, Parallel Play, local musicians

“The work and time that you  put into this community is priceless and necessary and I just want to commend you on that.”
–  Zack Saucedo, local artists, arts organizer

“The growth and expansion of ArtLoveMagic has been quite powerful to witness. The way the three of you have been able to build doors that open to the community and provide a safe – unconditional place to create – collaborate and reside is nothing short of remarkable.”
– Will Richey, local poet, teacher of Spoken Word, host of DaVerse

Many others have written. These just came in the last few days. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning and I needed to post this one just to feel good. So thanks guys. This is MY fuel.

posted by Michael Lagocki


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