Concert Series 001 Images


One of the beautiful things that commonly happens at artlovemagic shows is that audience members show up with cameras and take and share great images. Last night Jennifer Hurley (of Blaming Grace) showed up and shot an entire photo album of our first concert series.


The show featured music by Parallel Play, Richard Paul Davis, and Shantyfolk. It was the first in a line of shows designed specifically to give quality local musicians stage time to devlop and entertain audiences.


And you know who we are, so as you probably guessed, we couldn’t help but mix in a bit of other artforms as well. We had live art by Joe Townson, Josh Boulet, and myself and even a spoken word performance by poet Maggie Smith.
But the focus was on the sounds, and the musicians we’re representing. Deb, Tommy, Erin, Greg, Jason, Jeremy, and Rick… you were great. Great work. A beautiful evening.

The crowd was friendly and mixed it up with the performers quite a bit to give the whole affair a relaxed, easy feeling (not unlike the Shanty that inspired the last band’s name).


Thanks to those who showed up to support it. My true pleasure these days is seeing our collective do something brand new, so the first time we do anything is always so special to me. Last night was no exception.

And anyone  else who wants to show up and photograph or video artlovemagic shows, you’re a blessing to us.

Check out all of Jennifer’s pictures here.

She also happens to have a pretty amazing voice as well.
You can hear her music at

posted by Michael Lagocki

2 Responses to “Concert Series 001 Images”

  1. From Space Says:

    Why does Art Love Magic rule?
    Let me count the ways….
    1 onethousand
    2 onebillion
    3 onetrillion
    4 onerockawesomemegamillionrockonbrothasandsistas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And we love SPACE! We miss Space. We will be with Space soon.

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