Local Music Spotlight: Southern Karma


A few posts back I mentioned that I’ve been enjoying the local act Southern Karma lately. I’ve seen them at the To Lives is to Fly festival several times, and they’ve played our open mics at Saxbys and Mokah quite a bit.

Yesterday, I popped open their myspace to listen to some music while I worked on other stuff. It was a great surprise. They have five absolutely excellent recordings that you can listen to for free at www.myspace.com/southernkarma8

When you’re next in the mood for some easy guitar sounds with gorgeous melodies, I suggest you pop on and listen to The Road or To Hope (with harmonies by Deb!)

Tony recently sent me the lyrics for a newer song he’s written called Get It Right. I’ve heard it a few times and love it. I’m going to try to get them to add it to the music collection at artlovemagic.

This is a cool band and you can tell they’re in kind of a growth stage with good new work coming out of them regularly. I’m excited about where they’re headed.


posted by Michael Lagocki


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