Living What Is Within: Letting The Light Shine

a report on our illuminate event
by Jay Bookworm Eilers


Illuminate lived up to its illustrious name by allowing its participants and its audience to let their lights shine. ArtLoveMagic artists get to express inspiration, and by interacting with them, the audience can also share in it. Literally and figuratively,many forms of light emerged to be appreciated. From live welding on the outside stage to luminous painting, poetry and music on the two stages inside, another opportunity to realize the potential that dwells within everyone materialized. Living and being what is within you is true art, which is both darkness and light, the full spectrum of existence.

boulet-illuminatePoet David Ratcliff in his piece Soldier Poet said the act of writing poetry made his hands night lights blazing across every page. Out of struggle comes great poetry, and victory is in the freedom of expression. Jay Bookworm’s Dancing Dragon Flames spoke of newly transformed beings inventing ways to become flame throwers. Artistic expression can create a path for the creator and the audience. Painters Andie Collard and Riki Johnson created bold colorful portraits that also cast a metaphorical light for the viewer.


Founder Justin Nygren emphasized the importance the cohesion of diverse communities during the event, which was attended by hundreds of people from all parts of the DFW metroplex and beyond. Founder Michael Lagocki stated that ArtLoveMagic was building an even tighter organization to allow artists to network and build careers. Founder David Rodriguez painted live to music mixed by DJ Dean Dillinger, in a planned collaboration. Impromptu collaborations appeared on the open mic stage and the art gallery. Main stage musical artists included Playdough, Parallel Play, Matt Barron, Erin Gayden and Zachary Scott Pohl. Veteran poets Serena Wills, Maggie Smith and Zack Schrotter also performed on the main stage. Over twenty five visual arts shared their works within the gallery and the main stage area. For more details, check out the full Illuminate article in a few days on Be well and let your light shine.

photos by Jenice Johnson and Michael Lagocki

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