Illuminate…initial thoughts

Amazing. That was the most fun I’ve ever had at am artlovemagic show. There was a point in the night where I was absolutely lost to the world and was just enjoying the moment to it’s fullest. Normally I’m too concerned with the details to do that, wondering what needs attention, who needs help.

Last night was LIGHT, a spectacle of imaginative arts, beats, improv, and truth. It’s too soon to really collect my thoughts, and I’m too dang tired to do it anyway. But I wanted to share just a few images and words.

So many of you brought your fire to the show last night. Whether audience, producer, Volunteer, or performer- thank you, I love you, stay bright.

posted by Michael Lagocki

One Response to “Illuminate…initial thoughts”

  1. it’s great that you were actually able to enjoy a show for once! sometimes you need to be able to receive as well as give!

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