announcing… The ArtLoveMagic Concert Series

April 16th 2009

We’re proud to announce a new, ongoing series of shows honoring the musicians and vocalists of our collective. You see, on most of our shows, we try to bring you as diverse of a stage as possible, rotating poets and various musicians all night. But from the beginning artlovemagic has been about developing our artists and performers- and our musicians need larger stages and longer sets to grow. Our new concert series will focus the attention on only three acts per night. Each will get at least a full half hour on stage, and we’ll be filling these shows with some of our most talented people.

deb and rickWe’re kicking it off, Thursday April 16th with a show at Mokah featuring a trio of unbelieveable singer/songwriter acts. First up is Parallel Play- an energetic banjo and guitar duo who have become crowd favorites at our recent shows. Next is a rare solo performance by Texas Redlegs frontman Richard Paul Davis. If you love Texas songwriting, you’ll love Rick’s music. Gritty and Raw with excellent guitar work. And finally, a full set by Shantyfolk featuring amazing vocals by Deborah Driscoll (host of Art & Coffee) backed up by artlovemagic regulars Erin Gayden, Tommy Lee, and Matt Baron.

Thursday April 16th
Mokah Lounge
2803 Taylor St Dallas, TX 75226
(free parking- arrive early)

We’re kicking off this series at only $5 per ticket.
Join us in supporting this new effort to love the our musicians.
(byob= additional $5)

One Response to “announcing… The ArtLoveMagic Concert Series”

  1. that’s a great idea. there are so many talented musicians rolling with ALM!

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