Art and Coffee, April 2009

Last night was one of those nights where, even as the world falls apart, the planets still align and people come together to create beauty in the midst of chaos.  Several people dropped out at the last minute, some for good reason, others not so much.  But random folks came out of the woodwork to make the night happen in an incredible way.

It was our first time having a live metal worker and the sparks were flyin’!sparky2

There were several new folks who got on the mic, including Haylee and Amanda.  You can get a free download of their incredible music at

Mad props to Riki Johnson.  This was her first time producing a show with us and she did phenomenal!

Are you interested in showing/playing/creating with us?  Send us an email.  We’d love to talk.  We’re always expanding our horizons and the horizons of those we are privileged to work with.  Better yet, drop by our next show and track down one of the founders (Mike, Dave and Justin).  Illuminate, April 11th, 8pm to midnight.  We’d love to talk.

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