Call for Photographers in Plano

We got this email last week and thought it would be well posted here.  If you are interested, there is contact information at the bottom of the email.  Good luck!


Hello — you are receiving this because you are a photographer OR I
believe you might know photographer(s) in the region to which this can
be forwarded. Attached is a Call to Photographers (a request for
qualifications) to apply for a lifestyle photography project for the
City of Plano. If you would forward it to photographers you believe
would be interested, I’m most appreciative.

An established professional photographer is ideal. An experienced
“amateur” who can exhibit consistency will be considered. (Insurance
will be required.) Thorough attention to submission requirements is key.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Christine Eubanks
Public Art Coordinator
City of Plano, Texas


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